Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Eleri Loves #September'13

I know what you're thinking... It's October 9th, you're a bit late aren't you? Yes, yes I am... but it doesn't matter because I'm doing it now, yay!

Septembers been such a busy month for me so I've been doing my makeup a lot more than normal and venturing out of my leggings and hoodie, relax at home attire. So basically, I have a lot of favourites and that's the perfect way to start out my first favourites post, don't you think?

And just to mention... how cute is my little favourites bag? It's from the Ladurée shop in London and it's just been hanging on the back of my door so I can just pop my favourites in there. 

One of my favourite looks for Autumn/Winter is glowy skin, contoured cheeks, a nude eye and berry lips. Just warning you, these kind of things kind of dominate this favourites post... Anyway, I've been loving the Benefit Watts Up! highlighter. I bought it in the duty free section at the beginning of the Summer, but I've been using it almost every day this month. Its a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour (that was really hard to photograph, may I add) that looks so natural on the skin. I looooooove it!

I warned you... This palette, I have no words. Being super pale, I find it really hard to find a contour colour that doesn't make me look orange or dirty. This contour shade is so perfect! The highlighter and blush really compliment my skin and really give the illusion of 'glowyness'. 

Yep, as I promised, a berry lip. This Kate for Rimmel lipstick and Benefit Posie Tint have been in my bag all month. I find they both last really long and even when the initial colour wears off, a light tint remains. And, it just looks really pretty :)

I've really gotten into the white nail trend recently, mainly because it's so simply yet such a statement. I love the Barry M nail paint in Matt White because it's so cheap and cheerful. I think white nail varnish is such a necessity, you can leave it plain, or jazz it up like I have with a different colour accent nail. And, white goes with everything...

And on the subject of nails, I've been loving this Sally Hansen Acetone Free Polish Remover. In case you didn't know, I had nail extensions for my prom around two months ago and after removing them, my nails were considerably weaker. After doing some research, I purchased this nail polish remover. It turns out that regular removers damage your nails, so if you want to keep then in good condition, acetone free is the way to go. This remover takes nail polish off just as easily, but keeps your nails in good condition too. Perfect!

Missguided is one of my favourite websites because it always has different pieces at amazing prices. My latest purchase was this trapese dress and oh my it is perfect for Autumn. It might look huge and unflattering in the picture, but on it looks really good. It just seems to flow perfectly and I think it makes you look smaller than you actually are... I also like wearing this with a brown belt around the waist just to sinch it in a bit.

I had this Topshop Leather jacket as a present in August but obviously didn't get a lot of wear out of it because of the weather. Now, its getting a little colder, this jacket has been wonderful. It looks good with everything and the fluffy collar adds a little interest to any outfit. 

And finally, here's something I have not been loving. I've heard so many great things about Bumble and Bumble, so when I got this as a free gift with my ELLE magazine, I was really excited. Turns out, I really dislike it. It smells horrible (and I mean horrible) and it leaves my hair feeling dry but greasy. And worst of all, my hair doesn't look, or feel thicker at all... 

Wow! Sorry that was so long, turns out I have a lot more favourites than I thought. 

What have you been loving this month?