Friday, 21 February 2014

Hey Mickey

The weather's still pretty awful here over in the south. Brilliant...
And that means boring, samey samey, comfortable and warm outfits.

Anyhow, into the outfit.

I wore this awesome Mickey Mouse jumper from Newlook to keep me warm... I had my eye on it just before Christmas but decided to hold off being someone who owns more jumpers than any other item of clothing. But, I got it shortly after Christmas anyway, I just couldn't resist. The best part? It should of cost me around £35 (a little steep for my taste) and I nabbed it for a teeny £13 in the sale. 
I also wore plain black jeggings and that's about it... I understand that this outfit's a little boring, but hey ho, boring weather = boring outfit, because lets face it, the things I'd love to wear won't exactly keep me warm and dry in this torrential weather.

And it's the return of the practical coat.
I wore my navy pea coat, again, but topped it off with this gooooorgeous beige and pink tartan scarf from H&M. I had it as a Christmas present off my mam purely because I instantly fell in love with it in store and just couldn't leave it behind. I then saw Esteé from Essie Button feature it in one of her videos, where she described it a 'blanket scarf' which is 100% correct. It is huuuuge!

Anyway, as always, I forget to put on shoes. I wore my pale, pastel pink Dr.Martens which I'm sure will feature on Buttons and Bows in the future so stay tuned folks.

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