1. What camera do you use?
A Samsung PL211 Digital Camera. It's not the best but I've worked out a way to make my photo's look decent :)

2. Why did you start a blog?
Well, I originally started my blog to document my travels, as I knew I would be travelling to several places during the year. However, after indulging in several beauty and fashion blogs, I decided it was something I was really interested in and possibly something I would also enjoy writing about. And guess what... I do! 

3. Are you in school?
Yes, I've currently just completed my GCSE's ( Incase you're wondering, I studied Performing Arts, Music, History and French, as well as the compulsory subjects) and am hoping to go to sixth form and then university. But... I'll take it as it comes. I may be organised, but I haven't planned out my whole life yet.

Feel free to ask me any other questions, I don't bite :)

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