Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Change... It can be good, unsettling or new.
For me, right now, it's all those things.

Last Tuesday, I started school again. However, it wasn't as if I was just going back for another normal year, I was going into sixth form.
So, I had a lot of decisions to make. What to take, where to take it etc. I ended up choosing Law, History, Performing Arts and English Literature. It means no more maths, no more science, no more subjects that don't interest me what so ever. But, this also meant that I'd have to take subjects in a different school. 
I go to an all girls school, so it was a big shock going from a class of 30 girls, to a History class with 3 girls and 30 boys. As I said, it was very unsettling. 

Yes, the change is good. I have more free time, I'm enjoying school more, I'm meeting new people.
The change is unsettling. It's a completely different atmosphere. I don't really know what to do with myself.
And the change is definitely new. New people, new experiences and, well, new everything.

Anyway, my point is, a lot of things are changing and I'm not 100% if I like it or not. 

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