Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Nails!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that.

I love Christmas, it's definitely my favourite time of the year. So, to get into the true Christmas spirit, I jazzed up my nails and thought I'd share my designs with you :) And may I just add, the finished result it pretty darn cute....You're welcome. 

Yeah, you need alot....
I have a clear tray, to put polish on, a pulled crocodile clip to add detail and plenty of nail colours.
I used Ciaté Sand Dune (sparkly gold), a random Black polish, Under 18 (sparkly red), Be Happy (icy blue) and Pistache (grass green) all by Sinful Colors, Matt White by Barry M and a random top coat.
Obviously you don't need to use the same colours as me, or the same brands, so do whatever your heart desires. 

So, first things first, apply 2-3 coats of each polish. As you can see, I used the gold on my pinky finger, the sparkly red on my ring finger, the green on both my middle and second finger and finally the blue on my thumb. I obviously did this on both hands.

Look at this little guy chilling on my thumb! 
I started off by using the white polish to paint on two circles, the bottom one larger than the top.
I then dropped a little of the red polish onto my tray and used the crocodile clip to pick a little up. Basically, you just dot the colour between the two white circles to make a line. Then, make two smaller lines coming out and down. Voila, a scarf.
Next, I dropped the black polish on the tray and once again, used the clip to transfer it onto my nail. I placed two dots horizontally on the smallest circle to make eyes and two vertically on the biggest circle to make buttons.
Finally, I used the black to draw on a little hat. I drew a little slanted line and extended it upwards to create it. 
So cute!

The next design appears nicely on my middle finger. I personally think this is the easiest design.
I used the red polish and the crocodile clip to draw a little wonky triangle on the nail and finished it off with little white dots on the point and the bottom to represent the little fluffy stuff :) Easy peasy.

Just for a little more detail, I added some polka dots onto my ring finger.
I used the white polish and the clip to place on small dots. 
I started off with a line in the centre of my nails and then placed dots in between them, either side of that line... I hope that makes sense. And that's basically it, just fill your nail with dots and it's done :)

Finally, add a top coat and wait for your Christmas nails to dry :)

I really loved how it all turned out! It's actually all very simple and quick, believe me :)

Obviously, you can used different colours, put the designs on different nails and what not... just have fun and get into the Christmas spirit :)

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