Monday, 24 June 2013

Health and Fitness routine- Part 2

This is just going to be a short post about my daily routine, going into more detail about what I eat etc...

I tend to wake up around 8 o'clock. It takes me around half hour to wake up fully and make my breakfast.
You should never skip breakfast because it gives you enough energy for the day and starts up your metabolism too!
There are a few options for healthy breakfast;
Porridge- I really like the Alpen fruit porridge. It has little chunks of strawberries, apples and raisins in it so it's really tasty. 
Weetabix- Weetabix is great as it has slow release energy which is really important to keep you going throughout the day. However, I do find weetabix a little bland on its own, so I top it of with a good coat of Rowes Honey. It also has slow release energy. This combination is really great because it really fills me up instead of leaving me hungry after an hour or so.
Fruit and Yoghurt- I really enjoy berries so for breakfast I sometimes eat strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I then top it off with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of oats. Oooh, It sounds really magical! The fruit mean it contains some of your five a day and blueberries especially contain anti-oxidants which are really good for your skin. The fruit also adds a flavouring to the yoghurt and the oats add a nice crunch.
Drink- I always drink a glass of water when eating my breakfast. Again, it boosts your metabolism and starts it quickly for use during the day. I also find it very refreshing and helps me wake up. I've slowly been weening myself off the tea :(

Fruit- I mainly eat fruit for snacks. I personally love mangos, apples, pineapples and berries. They really satisfy me and don't leave me feeling hungry.
Crackers- If I don't feel like fruit and want something a little more substantial, I'll go for crackers and a variety of different things to accompany it. Mainly, I go for either brussels pate or palma ham to top the crackers and then have cucumber and pickled onions on the side.
Drink- As I've replaced my morning cup of tea with water, I sometimes do have my tea when I have my snacks. Either tea or orange juice, it varies.

My family are generally very healthy and our dinner is often made from scratch by my parents. 
Meat- More often than not, I will have some sort of meat or fish with salad and veg and then 2 or 3 potatoes. 
Pasta- My biggest weakness is pasta. I really love it! Again, being a healthy family, pasta is normally served with vegetables and chicken, or a home made sauce. 
Drink- For the majority of the time, I will have squash with my dinner. Obviously, it has more of a flavour than water, but still has the goodness.

So, it may have been a little boring to read what I eat, but hopefully it will give some people a few ideas of what healthy foods they can eat. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 where I'll go into detail about my exercise routine. oooooooh

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