Saturday, 29 June 2013

Health and Fitness routine- Part 3

So this is the final part of my Health and Fitness routine and it's all about exercise.

I basically change up my exercise routine quite a lot as personally, I find my body adapts to things really quickly and then I don't get great results.

On a day to day basis, I do a mix of cardio exercises and targeted workouts to strengthen and tone my muscles. Which exercises I do change each day to add variation into my routine. I also find that this doesn't bore me as I'm not repeating the same things each day.

*Tip*- I find buying new workout gear and workout clothing really motivates me to go running or to do exercise, maybe it'll help you too! Also, maybe you could find a workout buddy to help you throughout your workout. They can motivate you and make things a lot more fun. If you can't find someone to exercise with you, make a playlist of upbeat and fast paced songs to go running too. It not only keeps you running at a steady beat, therefore increasing the effectiveness of your workout, but once again, it motivates you and makes exercise a lot more fun and distracts from the strenuous activity.

Running- I go running with my friends at least once a week. I think going with your friends really just makes running a lot easier and more fun. We normally walk for around 30 minutes until we reach a park (not a playground park) and then run for 1-2 hours. We don't run for the whole duration, but run for around 5 minutes then complete a series of short exercises such as star jumps, lunges and squats for around 2 minutes and repeat. This is really effective as it gives your muscles a rest and it also means your body can recover from the running so your prepared for the next set of running. It also changes up the actions carried out by your muscles so it's more effective in toning and strengthening them.
Dancing- I use Just Dance for around 3-4 times a week. It's so fun! As I've said before, it has a setting called Just Sweat that combines dance routines with boxing, boot camps or aerobics. Again, this creates a sort of interval training, meaning it switches up your actions to get the best results. I personally find this so fun and it doesn't even feel like your exercising but I see great results! I do 2 x 25minute routines and my favourites are the intense cardio training and intense cheerleading bootcamp. I also attend dance lessons twice a week for around 1 hour to 1 and a half hours , so  I also get a great deal of my workouts from this.
Walking- I have a dog so this is a great opportunity for me to go walking. However, if you don't have a dog, you can just go walking with your friends and family. I go for around 30 minute walks as often as I can. It isn't as strenuous as running or dancing, but gains results in the long run.

Targeted workouts-
Apps- I really like the Daily Legs, Butt and Abs workouts. They contain a series of targeted workouts that are both shown by a trainer and explained so it's really easy to follow. You can also feel it working really fast, which is what I like about this particular series. There are loads of other apps that you can download, but I personally like these ones as their free and I think they really work.
Cycle legs- I just made up the name of this to be completely honest. It probably has one, but I just don't know it... Anyway, I do this at night when I'm lying in bed. I lye on my back and lift my legs up at a 90degree angle. I then move them in a cycling motion, as if I'm riding a bike. I do this for around 5 minutes. I can honestly feel this working my legs so much! It also helps me sleep as it tires me out. Bonus!

Blogilaties- I'm pretty sure the majority of you have heard of this Youtube channel! It's basically a series of videos containing targeted workouts and cardio. Also, it has food tutorials teaching you how to make delicious healthy foods. Cassie Ho shows you how to do each exercise and talks to you throughout, this kind of distracts you from the pain of her exercises. Honestly, I don't know how she does it! The exercises are so effective and Cassie is like a little ball of energy. She's so motivating and she makes things a lot funner (obviously not a word). 
Go and subscribe, you won't regret it-

*Please* please please stretch before and after you do any type of strenuous exercise to prevent any injuries! Also, make sure you drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated and healthy throughout your workouts :) Have fun.

Once again, I hope I've helped a few people and given you an idea of exercises that you can do to improve your fitness.

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