Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Avon Black Mineral Mask ~Review~

My Skin Type-  Combination to Oily, prone to spots around nose and on forehead... 

I've been using this mask for a while now and I can honestly say it's one of the best masks I've ever used, for my skin anyway...
It's a thick black mask, which actually scared me a bit, and when applied to the face, dries a blue-ish grey colour. Honestly, it is a little messy but isn't hard to clean up.
oh, and it smells looooovely :)

Avon claims that it "Leaves skin deeply cleansed, refreshed and matte, unblocks pores." and I 100% agree. 
I use a giant button sized amount all over my face, once or twice a week for 15 minutes and then massage it off with warm water. Immediately after using it, my face feels so smooth and clean and I also notice that any redness I have has been calmed.  
Also, due to the witch hazel, I find that my spots heal faster when I do use this mask. 
One thing that did strike me though is that it is quite a drying mask. For me, this isn't much of a problem as my skin is more on the oily side and therefore, it just mattifies my skin. So, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with dry skin as I think it would dry is out even more. However, I would recommend following it up with a moisturiser just to ensure that you don't leave your skin dehydrated :)

All in all, I think this mask is great if you have oily skin and prone to the odd spot or two.
It's cheap, cheerful and very effective.... I will definitely be repurchasing this mask. and that's saying something!

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