Friday, 12 July 2013

A General Chit Chat

I thought I'd give you a little update on my life from the past month (and a little of this month) as I had no particular blog planned.

Lets start with the most exciting thing that happened last month... my 16th birthday. wooohoooo
So my birthday is on June the 25th, and I think this is a perfect date for two reasons.
1) It's exactly 6 months before/after Christmas, depending on which way you look at it I guess. This means that everything's nicely spread out and I have enough money/presents to last me until the next time.
2) It's always sunny. I cannot remember a birthday where it has rained. This is perfect because it means I can sit out in my garden or go for walks to celebrate my birthday!
Also, I didn't have school on my birthday for the first time in ages! Bonus!

So 16 is such an important milestone for me. It really has meant that I have more responsibilities and freedom. 
For instance, just before my birthday, I began my first paid job, meaning I am now a waitress. ooooh fancy! Sure, it's only part time and I'm on minimum wage, but it's a start and an experience that many people my age have yet to gain.
I've also had to set up my very first bank account that I am actually in-charge of and have control over. It's quite an unsettling thought that I can access quite a bit of my money easily, because, well, I will spend it given the chance.

Then, 5 days after, I went to Poland with my school. It was an educational visit for students studying History. We went to Auschwitz to learn more about the Holocaust, but also went shopping, site seeing and to water parks. 
I took History for my GCSE's and am also taking them for A Levels. This means that I have studied World War 2 in a lot of detail. It's a very shocking and painful thing to learn about, and even though you see pictures and videos about it, you will never truly understand the pain and extent of the situation until you visit the place where the majority of it took place. 
It was an amazing experience as I got to learn about the living conditions and the whole thing became real for me.
We had a brilliant tour guide who gave us so much information and told us so many stories about the lives of people involved. We also met two people who survived the Holocaust and had come to re-visit their past. These people are truly inspirational and their stories will live with me for many years to come.
I would highly recommend visiting Poland if you have the chance, both for the culture and history of the country.

I also did a Holiday fashion series if you're wondering ;)

Now onto exciting things in July!

Wednesday saw the graduation of my sister. As I've mentioned before, she studied Law and Criminology and also received a 1st... The highest grading apparently.
So Wednesday morning, we travelled to Swansea to see her graduate.
It was a boiling hot day so a dress was definitely the answer, the one I'm wearing in the following pictures is from Dorothy Perkins and my cream flatforms are from Missguided. It was a really lovely day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)
I also saw my god parents which was lovely as I haven't seen them for a long, long time. I always love spending time with them.

So that pretty much it right now, but I have a lot more to look forward to.

My school prom is on Tuesday so I'm definitely looking forward to that, then on the Saturday, I'm off to my favourite place; Newgale in West Wales and finally, my cousins wedding in August.

Each event will have a post or two dedicated to it no doubt!

I feel like I've just had a little catch up with my friend, a very good listener who doesn't talk back haha :)

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