Monday, 8 July 2013

Holiday Fashion- day 3

Almost there, just one more day left in my holiday fashion series!

Today's a little different as I have two outfits, one for the day and one for the night.

Day 3- Day Time
The third day was the probably the warmest day, but it was also the day we went to visit the Auschwitz Concentration Camps. This did affect my outfit choice as out of respect, you should wear clothes that cover your shoulders and the majority of your legs.

I chose to wear this black maxi skirt from NewLook, featured in this Haul Post. It's really flowy and didn't make me feel too warm throughout the day as air could easily pass through.
I paired this with my Mickey Mouse crop top from Primark to add some fun and youthfulness to the overall look. Again, this baggy top meant that I stayed cool throughout the day.
I know you're probably getting bored of my converse, but they're just so practical! We spent the majority of the day walking and my converse were perfect I guess...

I know I look really strange and a little bit like a mouse, but I didn't have mascara on when this picture was taken... I don't know why?

Day 3- Night Time
We wandered round the town for a bit after returning from a water park.
As I said, it was the warmest night we'd been there, so I went for my best summer dress, by best, I mean the dress that keeps me coolest the most... I know what I mean...

This is basically a creamy grey dress with a neon mint green striped pattern on it. It's also a kind of burnt out material but not enough so that you can see through it don't worry. I believe I bought it from River Island in
the sale either last year or the year prior to that.
As you can tell, it has a high low cut which I think is really fun and girly. The straps also tie into a knot at the back which adds interest.
And finally, I'm not wearing converse woooo! I'm actually wearing pink, stud covered gladiator sandals from Next. They're so comfortable.

So that's it, just one more outfit left ahhhh!

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