Friday, 5 July 2013

Holiday Fashion- day 2

Another day, another outfit...

Day 2 
The second day was slightly warmer and I knew we'd be walking around all day, so I wore something comfortable and practical.
I personally prefer to wear dresses or baggy shorts in warm weather as I find other shorts stick to me and I feel so uncomfortable.

I decided to wear this cute dress from Newlook. 
It's similar to my pinafore dress, but it is different in some ways. 
Okay, yes it is blue and covered in little white flowers, and yes, it is a skater style dress. And, I am wearing it with frilly socks and navy converse.
BUT.... it's a darker blue, with bigger flowers on and had sleeves. It's also made out of a jersey material So so so different as you can tell. 

Basically, the dress may seem so similar in many ways to my previous post but it is also different in so many ways. It's really versatile and perfect for holidays. 
I didn't get too warm but it also kept me warm enough throughout the day and in the night.

Tomorrows outfit will be different, I promise :)

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