Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday Feelings!- Positivity

Just to let you know, I'm writing this post while curling my hair. I'm the multi-tasking queen!

I'm currently studying for my gcse's as you know, and revision has taken over a bit.
I've decided that last year, I panicked way more than was necessary. I was negative about a lot of my work and I think that prevented me from taking every thing in. 
I would like to think about myself as a positive person, but sometimes, like everyone, I do have negative thoughts.

This year, I've told myself that even if I have a negative thought about revision or school life, I won't say it out loud. Negativity definitely doesn't help, it just builds up a reluctance to even think about things. 
I've been doing this recently and definitely think its helped the way I'm revising. I'm taking things in a lot easier, I'm remembering things and getting revision done quicker.

Positivity has definitely helped my work and I'm thinking about other ways in which it can benefit me. I'm opening my mind to whole different things, just by being positive about them.

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