Sunday, 14 April 2013

What's in my bag?

I'm in a very very very good mood today and I feel like its got something to do with my positivity. Basically, after my last post, I stopped being negative about things, especially school work. Its really helped me when I'm revising as I'm not sad about it, things are going a lot quicker and I'm taking things in better. YAY for positivity!

Anyway, I went on a small shopping trip yesterday to buy a new dancing outfit. I threw all my essentials in my bag and ran out the door.

So, this is my bag. It's from River Island and I received it as a Christmas present. I think it's such a classic design and the colours are beautiful! The coral orange is really unexpected but adds a lot of interest and fun to the bag. It's also great that the bag splits itself into two as that means I can split up my things into categories  My OCD is happy about this.

Section 1-

This is definitely my fullest pocket. Here I keep my "others?" such as food, makeup and phone.

I ALWAYS keep some sweets and a bottle of water with me! It's very important to stay hydrated and also, I have a problem with getting quite light headed if I've been walking around for a long time, so sweets and water are definitely a must to give me energy.
I will always have hand cream and lip balm in my bag. My lips are very dry and it goes through me if I have dry hands, so they must always be moisturised. I also carry around the perfume and lip colour I am wearing that day, just for a bit of sprucing up later. I don't always bring powder. I only put it in if my face feels oilier than normal. I find my self putting this in my bag less and less as my Urban decay De Slick Setting Spray has been keeping the oil at bay. Finally for this section, I have my phone. My I-Pod occasionally makes an appearance, depending on how, who with and how long I'm travelling. I have a Galaxy Samsung S2 and the case was another Christmas present. I believe it's from amazon.

Section 2-

This pocket is very empty-ish really. 

Here I keep my purse and a shopping bag, as in Wales, we have to pay for bags. BOO
My purse is a Ralph Lauren Polo Purse and I received it for my birthday. I really love it and am never with out it. It holds a lot of cards and has spaces for notes, coins and recites.
Also, if I've bought any items that are small enough to fit in this pocket (makeup, jewellery etc), they will go in.

So that's what's in my bag. 

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