Sunday, 21 April 2013

Good Morning! - Skincare regime

I think it's about time I did my skin care regime, so here it is.
I've split it up into two parts, morning and night. This is the morning post:)

*DISCLAIMER* I do use a lot of simple facial products in both the morning and night-time. I am not sponsored and bought all of the products myself and feel they work well for my skin.

My skin-
I have very combination skin so it's hard for me to find things that work well for me.
My T-Zone gets very oily, but down the sides of my nose, I have dry patches of skin. Apart from that, the rest of my skin is normal.
I get a few spots now and again and they mostly appear on my chin and on my neck. They aren't too much of a problem for me though.

Step 1- Wash!

 I wash my face using plain old soap in the morning. I think this is simple soap but I'm not too sure as the engraving has come off now. I'm not too fussy when it comes to soap, they're basically all the same. However, I do like the Pears soap. That's definitely a favourite of mine.
To actually wash my face, I use the Body Shop exfoliator pad. I just lather the soap up on the pad and rub it across my face in circular motions. This really gets rid of any excess product (moisturiser, spot cream) from the night before. I then splash my face with water and pat dry. I don't rub my face with the towel as this would exfoliate my face even more.

Step 2- Tone

To apply my Simple soothing toner, I use Tesco's cotton pads. I use a small amount of toner on the cotton pad and rub it across my face, again in circular motions. This just removes any soap that's stuck to my face and makes sure it's definitely clean. Yay for fresh skin!

Step 3- Moisturise

This is a vital step and should never be skipped! You've been warned...
I use a pea sized amount of the Simple kind to skin hydrated light moisturiser. I really like this as it doesn't make my face oily and really keeps it hydrated throughout the day. I apply this in upwards and outwards motions to help my blood circulate my face. And to help it sink in, I just tap my face lightly with my fingers (In a raindrop motion). 

Step 4- Lips

Do not neglect your lips! I always apply lip balm to keep my lips silky smooth and soft. No one likes chapped lips. This is just a cheapy lip balm from Tesco's but it does the job.

Step 5- EXTRA

 If I'm having a particularly bad skin day, I apply this Avon clear skin spot gel. It doesn't work immediately but does help to reduce redness and sooth the spot throughout the day. I tend to use this around once a month, as like I said, I don't get really bad spots that often.

So this is my everyday skin care routine for the morning. I don't wear any makeup on a day to day basis as I'm only going to school. I think this really helps my skin as I'm  not constantly clogging it up.

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