Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hair Care Routine

Lets start of by apologising for my lack of posts this weekend.
I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday revising and preparing to go back to school on Monday. Boo :(

That also leads me nicely on to my next point. There may be fewer, less frequent posts throughout the next one or two months and I'm revising for my GCSE's. They start next month and I suddenly feel like I'm growing up too fast. I don't feel old enough to be doing such important things.

*Disclaimer* I'm not saying you should go out and buy these products. They are just things I have found that work for my hair (Very curly and slightly dry) through trail and improvement.

Anyway, lets begin with the hair care routine.

I wash my hair every 3-4 days. That may seem like a long time to you, but my hair is quite dry and doesn't produce oil that quickly. Of course, I shower in between days. Shower caps are extremely handy.

Step 1- The Shower

So, I'm in the shower. First thing I reach for is my "Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Herbal Shampoo". I use a small amount, plop it on my head (For lack of a better description) and lather it up. I really like this shampoo because I feel it cleans my hair nicely. It doesn't leave it feeling dry and as if there's still product in my hair.
Next, I use the "Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Herbal Conditioner". Now, I'm normally not too bothered about using the same brand on my hair, but I find these two products do work really well together. I only apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair as if I apply it towards my roots, my hair goes rather greasy. It really conditions my hair nicely and leaves it feeling lovely and soft. While this is sitting in my hair, I run through with a wide toothed comb. This one is a cheep one from Avon, but it does the job. The conditioner really makes my hair slippery and smooth, meaning it's really easy to run the comb through. 
Also, the shampoo and conditioner are super cheap. I found them in B&M's, a pack of two for £1. Bargain!
As I've just dyed my hair, I have to apply this "Step 3 Colour Conditioner" from Clairol. I usually leave this treatment for the weekends as because you have to apply it all over your hair, and its very nourishing, it makes my hair a little greasy, maybe it just makes my hair too shiny and slick for my liking. This one is specifically for dyed brown hair, but you can buy it separately too.   
Once I've stepped out of the shower, I wrap my hair up in a towel and leave it for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 2- Treatment

 After 10-15 minutes has passed, I take my hair out of the towel. By this point, it hasn't dried, but excess water has been absorbed. I think that this just makes my hair easier to work with.
I allow my hair to dry naturally for a further 10 minutes or so, until it is around 20% dry. By the way, my hair takes roughly 3-4 hours to dry on it's own, a long time I know.
I'm not really into using hair dryers, I tend to get the same shape, style and effect as I do if I let my hair dry naturally. It does speed up the process, but as I wash my hair at night, I'm not in a rush. 
If I'm planning on using heat, such as straighteners/curlers, on my hair, I reach for my "Avon 360 Nourishing Argan Oil". I prefer using this when I'm going to use heat because I feel it protects my hair and gives me better care. I use one pump, rub it between my hands and run it through the ends of my hair. It adds lovely shine and protects my hair too.
If I'm going to wear my hair naturally, I use the "Pantene Pro V NatureFusion Leave In Conditioner". This is lighter than the argan oil so doesn't pull down at my natural curl. It also leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny.
I apply this the same way, using 1 or 2 pumps.
After applying either product, I run through my hair with the comb, just to eliminate any more knots.

Step 3- Style

When my hairs roughly 90% dry and just a little damp, mainly at the roots, I spray in the "Umberto Giannini Big Blow Dry Spray". I know this is for blow drying your hair, but I think it's really effective on its own. Basically, I spray this into my damp roots and it acts as a sort of hair spray root lifter. It really does give me a lot of volume. YAY!
I either straighten my hair or curl it, sometimes neither.
To straighten, I use my GHD straighteners. These have a ceramic plate which adds shine to your hair as your straighten. I split my hair into sections and go over each piece and viola, straight hair.
To curl my hair, I use the Babyliss conical wand. I take small pieces of my hair and curl them individual to give a really natural soft look. This is also ceramic plated, so I get more shine.

Step 4- Finishing touches

To set my curls or to keep my hair straight, I spray the "Umberto Giannini Volume Hairspray For Big Hair". It seriously holds curls! If I use this, my curls are guaranteed to last at least 3 days! 
I also apply the "Avon Shine Serum" to the mid lengths and ends of my hair to boost shine. Can't get enough of that shine!
On days that I want a bit more texture, I spray in some "Batiste Dry Shampoo" in my favourite tropical scent. This adds to volume and texture nicely, at the same time, it absorbs any oils to prolong your hair washing. Bonus! I also use "Shockwaves Texture Gum" to add texture and hold to my hair. I love this product, especially when my hairs straight as it adds a little extra oomph.
Finally, a step that I do more often than not, is back combing my roots slightly. I use the "Umberto Giannini Back comb Brush" and just tease the roots slightly. Make sure you don't pull too hard or it'll ruin your hair. I think back combing and then smoothing hair over really finishes off any look. 

So there you have it. My full hair care routine, step by step using all the products I love.

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  1. I wish I'd seen this sooner. I used to have shoulder length, dry, curly hair, but was so bad at caring for it, that in the end I cut it short. Aha, no worries though, I like it now too. I've just found your blog, and wanted to follow, but can't seem to find the button-has it been enabled yet? If not pop back to my blog when it's done, tell me in a comment, and I'll come back and follow. But for now, keep up with the fab posts. :') x Olwyn


    1. i cant seem to comment on your blog? anyway, i've just created a bloglovin' account, the buttons on my blog x Eleri

  2. thats exactly the same as mine! mines quite short now to, but I find using these products keep my hair growing healthily! thankyou so much, i'll check for the follow button now :) x Eleri